Museum idol replica found in Salt Lake

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KOLKATA: The sudden recovery of an 18th century terracotta idol with a metal stamp by Bidhannagar North police from a temple in Salt Lake’s BC Block created a stir on Monday. The idol titled ‘Ladies playing tambourine’ is a replica of the one in Indian Museum’s collection. However, the museum officials confirmed that the figurine was a replica, not the original one.
A month ago, Pankaj Biswas, a rickshawpuller found the figurine, measuring 1.5 feet × 8 inches, lying on a roadside. Without understanding its real value, Biswas collected it and decided to put it in a local temple. People started worshipping the figurine as well.
A local was surprised by reading the metal stamp on it. Understanding its significance, he informedBidhannagar North police and requested them to recover the figurine as it could be a treasure of the nation.

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