It’s no surprise that Hollywood looks to the small screen for inspiration.

With original ideas in seemingly limited supply, television is a natural place for money-hungry producers to turn to in the hope of finding the next bankable franchise.

It’s because of this that the world has suffered some truly horrendous films based on shows that simply didn’t need a cinematic adventure.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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Should all TV shows stay on the telly? Not necessarily. There are fine examples of big screen translations that have seriously impressed: The Addams Family, Mission: Impossible and 21 Jump Street, to name a few.

But, the list of the failures is even more bursting. To celebrate one of these – the new Downton Abbey film – we’ve compiled a gallery of the worst examples.

Click through below to see what made the list.

Downton Abbey is in cinemas now.