50 Cent jokes about being ready to direct a Marvel movie

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After directing the “Forgot About Dre” episode of POWER for STARZ, as well as a direct-to-video film. BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT, rapper 50 Cent says that he’s ready to dip his toe into the Marvel pool for Disney.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently joked about getting behind the camera for one of the biggest studios in the game on his personal Instagram account, saying that he’d be up to the task of making a Marvel film if it “doesn’t take up too much” of his time. The “In Da Club” breakout artist then continued to lean into the gag by claiming that STARZ won’t be able to afford him with regard to helming another episode of POWER.

While it’s easy to wave this off and say “Well, that’s just 50 being 50,” I will remind you that the man has been shot nine times and survived. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the makings of a man with incredible luck and fortitude. Now, it’s a given that luck won’t be the only thing that lands you as a Marvel director, but dismissing 50 as a potential candidate strikes me as unwise. I say this based on the fact that Kevin Feige himself has a habit of selecting unconventional directors for many a Marvel project.

“I like that our unconventional choices, they’re only unconventional until the movie comes out and then every studio in town hires our filmmakers and they go onto bigger tentpoles from there,” Feige told Superhero Hype in a 2013 interview.

Moreover, Feige has talked extensively about his desire to buck tradition by hiring talent that many would consider to be “outside the box” for tentpole filmmaking. A fine example of this is when Feige secured CREED and FRUITVALE STATION filmmaker Ryan Coogler as the director of BLACK PANTHER. At the time, Feige asking Coogler onto the project was considered a bold move by many, but oh how Coogler proved them all wrong by delivering one of Marvel’s most iconic (and lucrative) films to date.

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Back in March, Feige spoke with The Wrap about his push for diversity within the MCU, and how important it is to have that representation up on the big screen. “People also ask sometimes about Black Panther. So, the notion of representation on screen, in front of and behind the camera, somebody asked me once, so is Black Panther a one-off? I said, no, it’s not a one-off. This is the future,” said Feige. “This is the way the world is, and the way, certainly, our studio’s going to be run going forward, because it brings about better stories. The more diverse the group of people making the movie is, the better the stories.”

While Marvel undoubtedly has their ducks in a row for many years to come, there’s no telling what the future could bring. Perhaps sometime down the line we’ll see 50 in the director’s chair for a LUKE CAGE feature. After all, who better to direct Marvel’s bullet-proof hero than someone who’s lived through a hail of gunfire and lived to tell the tale?

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