60 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus: Gallup poll

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President Trump‘s approval numbers are as high as they’ve ever been throughout his presidency as he deals with the coronavirus outbreak, according to the latest Gallup poll.

The poll shows 60 percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of his actions to combat the virus. That includes 94 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of Independents, while just 27 percent of Democrats approve of the president’s handling of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, his overall job approval is at 49 percent, which is tied for the highest he has ever been when polled by Gallup. Trump jumped 5 points in the tracking poll from earlier this month.

Gallup is the latest poll to favor the president amid the coronavirus outbreak. ABC News and CBS News had him at 53 percent job approval over his handling of the crisis, while Monmouth University had him at 50 percent.


In the Monmouth poll released Monday, the president earned favorably higher than the media’s coverage of the outbreak. According to the poll, just 45 percent of Americans said the media did a good job reporting on the outbreak while 43 percent said the opposite. Roughly 10 percent of those polled responded with “mixed, depends.”

Congress earned even lower job approval numbers with 42 percent saying it has done a “good job” while 37 percent say it’s been doing a “bad job,” according to the Monmouth poll.

While Congress typically has earned low polling, a much larger group scored even worse: Some 45 percent of Americans polled said the American public has handled the virus outbreak poorly while only 38 percent said the public has handled the outbreak well.


State governors and federal government health agencies earned the highest approval ratings among Americans. Roughly 72 percent said they believed their own governors have done a good job amid the national crisis while just 18 percent disapproved, the Monmouth poll found.

Health agencies similarly had strong numbers with 65 percent job approval and 24 percent disapproval.


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