A former ‘body broker’ has a surprising theory for why FBI agents found a person’s head sewn onto a different torso in an Arizona body-donation center

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Published 2:41 am PDT, Sunday, September 1, 2019

biological research center raidKPHO-TV via Arizona’s Family

  • Warning: This story contains graphic details.
  • A 2014 FBI raid of a for-profit body-donation center in Phoenix, Arizona, found a woman’s head sewn onto a larger man’s torso, among other gruesome discoveries.
  • It’s not clear why someone at the centre did it, but Philip Guyett, a former “body broker,” offered a surprising theory.
  • Body-donation centers, like that in Phoenix, often take dead bodies from relatives in exchange for the person’s ashes. The center then extracts body parts from the cadaver, and sells them to third parties.
  • The Arizona center might have sewed another person’s head-on in order to make up a full human body to amass enough bones to cremate for their families, Guyett told Business Insider.
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A former “body broker” has a surprising theory for why the FBI found different body parts sewn together in a 2014 raid, the gruesome details of which were revealed in court documents in July.

During the raid of the Biological Resource Center (BRC) in Phoenix, Arizona, FBI agents found a woman’s head sewn onto a larger male torso — like “Frankenstein” — and hung on a wall, among other gruesome discoveries, according to court documents reported by the Arizona Republic and the local KTVK news station.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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