‘Pakistan playing key role in regional economic uplift’

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‘Pakistan playing key role in regional economic uplift’

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood on Friday said Pakistan was playing a key role in the economic development of South Asia to attain the dream of possible regional integration.

The adviser congratulated SAARC CCI Senior Vice President Iftikhar Ali Malik for getting nominated for the slot of SAARC CCI president for a term of two years, a statement said.

Dawood said it was an honour for Pakistan to have Malik’s name as president of the most prestigious regional trade body, and this also was an acknowledgment of his untiring 29-year efforts for promoting regional trade and bringing the business leadership of all South Asian countries closer to Pakistan.

He further said Pakistan believed in regional development through the platform of SAARC as it was the way forward for peace in the region.

The region had abundant human and natural resources, with one-fifth of the humanity and untapped opportunities for regional development, he added. “The social charter of the organisation was the real way forward and his country would support all initiatives by SAARC in this regard.”

He also urged greater role of the organisation in health and education sectors.

SAARC CCI Senior Vice President Iftikhar Ali Malik thanked the adviser and assured him that he would utilise all his energies for promoting regional trade and Pakistan’s role in building a prosperous South Asia.

He further said there was dire need to reduce costs of commodities so that trade among the SAARC countries should be promoted to its maximum size.

“Pakistan had all resources to become an economic giant, but only needed to set directions with zeal, courage and sincerity.” The huge mineral resources could help rid Pakistan of all economic ills.

Reiterating his earlier stance, Malik said he was optimistic that Prime Minister Imran Khan was doing his best and had leadership flair and resources to promote trade and industry in South Asia.