AMERICA/MEXICO – Together against Xenophobia, the church proposes pastoral actions against hatred and weapons

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Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) – “Mexico and the United States are fighting against time, where xenophobia, which fuels the culture of hatred in the neighboring country in an accelerated manner, is the main enemy to overcome”, are the first lines of the Catholic weekly “Desde la fe” in its publication of 11 August.
The comment concerns the last cases which occurred in recent days: “Last weekend massive shootings killed at least 29 people and injured many in Texas and Ohio. Greater control in the acquisition of weapons by civilians is urgently needed”.
But the underlying situation seems to be another: “What American society fails to understand is that it is not just weapons that cause these criminal actions, but that there is a more complicated background that has its roots in the lack of values , starting with respect for life, and this is the key point to be addressed according to the bishops”.
“The USCCB (Bishops’ conference) has long supported the laws responsible for weapons and increased resources to address the root causes of violence. The president and Congress are asked to put political interests aside and find ways to protect better life; However, faced with this request, the bishops have found deaf ears”, reads the Mexican text.
The news today is clear: “Today, the Church in this country has decided not to wait any longer and has decided to take preventive actions and a pastoral campaign to address the ways in which, as an institution, it can help fight “this social disease that has infected the nation”. Catholics are asked to increase prayer and sacrifice in order to put an end to these shootings, but above all to express their voice for the necessary changes in national culture so that the flag of xenophobic hatred stops to gain strength and so we can build a culture of authentic humanity”, concludes the message. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 12/08/2019)