‘Andavaada’ movie review: A lesson in letting go

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How to let go of someone you love is what director Chala has tried to explore in his film, Andavaada, in which he portrays a sensitive subject. Artha aka Ammu (Anusha Ranganath) and Mona (Jai) are childhood neighbours, who become good friends. Family and circumstances lead the two to live in different places.

It is after 10 years that Mona gets an opportunity to meet Ammu, and they rekindle their childhood memories. Ammu always lives in an imaginary world and her conversations often show her as being an alien invited to space, giving out signs of withdrawal from the world. Mona, who starts developing soft feelings towards Ammu, takes time to express his love for her. However, Ammu’s absence now and then puzzles him, until he gets to know the real truth behind it.

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How both of them bow to circumstances, and how he lets her go from his life forms this tale. Chala address a sensitive topic of someone living with a dreadful disease, and how a case of negligence by doctors can cut short a person’s life. However, the delicate subject lacks execution and fails to touch heartstrings. Anusha Ranganath as Ammu, the soul to this love tale, was required to put in a subdued performance, and the actor does manage it to a certain extent. 

It’s Jai’s first film, and he doesn’t manage to bring that impactful presence on screen. Since it is a rare subject to handle, the director could have whipped up a little more from the lead actors, for the story runs mostly on them. Songs, composed by Vikram Varnam, are more than required. Though they are sprinkled all along, they only add to the stretch. However, the green patches, captured by Hareesh N Sondekoppa, form the film’s background, and make for a soothing view. With very few films touching upon such topics, projects like this need more focus and a serious thought.


Director: Chala 

Cast: Anusha Ranganath and Jai

Rating 2/5

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