Ariz. man auctioning comic book collection to pay for cancer treatment

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PHOENIX (KNXV/CNN) – Robert Letscher spent most of his life collecting comic books. Now he’s selling off his prized possessions to cover growing medical costs.

An Arizona man is auctioning his prized comic collection to pay for cancer treatment. (Source: KNXV/family photos/CNN)

Letscher is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with cancer last year.

“This year has been rougher, and included the removal of the esophagus and the stomach,” he said.

Letscher is also fighting to stay on top of the medical bills that just keep coming in.

“They never stop,” he said. “It just seems like each day when you get the mail, you always know there’s going to be more of them in there.”

One thing that’s always kept him going is his love for comic books, especially the “X-Men” series.

“I remember my earliest memories, being so excited opening those bundles of comics and just seeing all the different characters,” Letscher said.

He’s ended up with more than 600 copies after collecting comics for 50 years.

“For some, it kind of makes you a hoarder, but for others it makes you a super collector, so I try to go with the latter,” Letscher said.

The comics he bought as a kid for less than a quarter are worth thousands today.

Letscher told himself he’d sell them and retire one day when he got old. Now, Letscher hopes auctioning off his prized comics can pay piles of medical bills and keep his family afloat.

“I had just invested so much of my life’s energy into that collection, but you know, when you think about it logically and as a parent, you know that you have to do right by your loved ones,” he said.

Letscher will be auctioning his collection online. The auction goes live on Aug. 19 at

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