Artist Mario Basner Representing Las Vegas at Venice Art Biennale Exhibition

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Prestigious Venice Exhibition Questions an Outdated View on Las Vegas Arts and Culture

LAS VEGAS, NV – World-class art is emerging from the rapidly evolving cultural landscape of Las Vegas, as photographic artist Mario Basner showcases his multi-award-winning works in the context of the 2019 Art Biennale in Venice, Italy. Three of Basner’s large format pieces are on display at Palazzo Bembo from now through Sun., Nov. 24 in the Personal Structures Identities exhibition by invitation from the European Cultural Centre.

Basner is among 22 photographic artists worldwide that have been selected to showcase notable works to an audience of over 500,000 attendees from around the world. Las Vegas has seen significant cultural growth in recent years with the emergence of art, galleries and cultural institutions citywide. Basner aims to shine a light on this cultural evolution and remove existing stigmas from a maturing city that no longer deserves them.

“Las Vegas is historically perceived with an image of showgirls and neon lights, while its diverse and vibrant cultural components are often overlooked,” said Basner when asked about the Biennale and its importance for Las Vegas arts and culture. “Not only am I honored to exhibit in Venice, but I am excited to draw attention to a perhaps unexpected cultural identity of Las Vegas to an international audience.”

Influential figures in the Las Vegas community have also taken note of Basner’s efforts in reshaping the Las Vegas arts and culture landscape. “Mario’s creative talent has resulted in a quality of art which people have never imagined would come from Las Vegas,” said Donald Snyder, Chairman of the Board for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. “It is wonderful to see it on display in Venice and speaks to the role Las Vegas can play on the world stage for the arts.”

Basner first received critical acclaim for his documentary series on the Beelitz Heilstaetten hospital complex; an abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium in Germany. His works have earned 57 awards of excellence and are on permanent display at Basner’s eponymous art gallery at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas. The one-of-a-kind gallery focuses on inspirational storytelling and engaging visitors emotionally and intellectually. The exhibited photographs of primarily architectural subjects transcend experiences through time and space, while taking the audience on an evocative journey that profoundly touches the essence of human characteristics and inner values.

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Mario Basner creates inspirational photographic art, providing the viewer with an immersive and sensory experience. Mario’s internationally celebrated World Heritage Collection has earned 57 awards of excellence and takes the audience on a profoundly personal journey, evoking thought while encouraging exploration and an emotional dialogue. Celebrating diversity, culture, and humanity, the collection is dedicated to offering inspiration, encouragement and intellectual merit. Mario Basner Photography actively supports the community and continuously engages in philanthropy and education in an extended effort to support the collection’s purpose of enriching the lives of others. For more information, please visit

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