As the President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio is reported missing – Newstime Africa offers 10,000 dollars reward for information leading to his whereabouts

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President Julius Maada Bio and wife Fatima

The Publisher and Managing Editor of Newstime Africa, Mr Ahmed M. Kamara has offered a reward of 10,000 USD for information leading to the whereabouts of the President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio. Mr Kamara’s reward comes after news reports from Sierra Leone claim the Head of Sate has abandoned the Presidency with no official statement released as to his whereabouts, and the country remains without a president. The lame-duck Vice President, Dr. Juldeh Jalloh who according to the constitution is supposed to act in the absence of the substantive holder, is unsure of his constitutional role after the president on assuming office named the morally bankrupt Bradford University Professor, Dr. David Francis, as Chief Minister. The conflict of interest has overshadowed the current political turmoil created by one of Africa’s most corrupt despots whose wife also performs the de-facto role of second-in-command in a country with a government that has been slowly transformed into a den of thieves headed by a man who sold the country’s passports for hundred’s of thousands of dollars to corrupt Chinese businessmen during his tenure as junta leader after taking over in a palace coup d’etat, ousting his compatriot Valentine Strasser in the early to mid 90’s. Poverty has once again struck at the very heart of the citizenry as the economy takes a free fall from lack of proper governance and utter economic mismanagement. People are complaining that they cannot even afford the basic commodities of existence as the new direction government becomes a no direction entity that has woefully failed the electorate that voted it into power.

Unconfirmed reports of the President suffering a debilitating illness continue to circulate around the country, and the not-very-fit-for-purpose state house communication instrument has become a derelict apparatus that may need a complete overhaul to make it relevant as in the days of Sheka Tarawalie under the Ernest Bai Koroma Presidency. The President’s lack of vision led him to appoint cash and carry and brown envelope journalists with little or no knowledge about the workings of a state communications office, to very serious positions in government to help define the information itinerary of a sitting head of state. Competent appointees can help a government design a fail safe media strategy that can work in tandem with government policies. But when a state house communication team cannot even answer questions as to where the Head of State is, then there are serious questions of incompetencies and inadequacies.

The country is in serious risk of being driven back into civil strife as tribalism and nepotism are used as instruments of politics to maintain loyalty from disgruntled public officials as Northerners in position of authority are randomly replaced by southerners who claim heritage to the ruling SLPP. The President’s absence may not be purely coincidental as it seems the stringent measures in place by the IMF to revive the economy may have suffocated the loopholes in government to loot the country’s resources by a notorious head of state whose Curriculum Vitae starts with corruption and ends with economic malaise in government. Unsubstantiated trips overseas means the head of state has a cunning way to rape the country’s economy by claiming over 1,000 dollars per night per diem for him and an additional 1,000 dollars per night for his fashionably excessive spending wife who trots along on any trip to ensure her husband philandering escapades are constantly monitored and in check  to prevent a matrimonial coup d’etat that might see her position being seriously threatened or toppled.

The Newstime Africa Publisher had in the past warned the people of Sierra leone never to vote into power this hoodlum called Julius Maada Bio as he did everything in his power using media apparatus at his disposal to prevent him from winning the 2012 Presidential election. But the unpatriotic intervention by the top British and American diplomats on the ground engineered a regime change that would have otherwise seen the APC retain power and prevent the political and economic turmoil the world is currently witnessing in the small sub-saharan African state. When a president appoints 90 percent of his cabinet from the south where he hails from and 80 percent of all top Civil Servants are also from the south,  it will only sow the seed for tribal discord in a country that has been a yardstick for ethnic cohesion and harmony throughout its recent political history.

It has become more apparent that Julius Maada Bio’s new direction plan was indeed his personal direction plan to enrich himself,  his wife and family, and all his cronies, and attempt to make up for the short-lived stint he had in power when he was not able to amass the extraordinary wealth he seems to be basking in now at the detriment of the poor people of Sierra Leone who can only look on as spectators, wallowing in poverty, as the new direction takes them to the abyss of destruction instead of uprooting them out of the scourges of poverty. It is indeed a sad chapter  in the history of a country that has been plagued by corruption at the highest level of government and it seems Bio and his cohorts are taking corruption to a new level unseen before in the history of Sierra Leone.

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