Brian Poole Drops Jamison Crowder With Massive Hit During New York Jets Training Camp

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An awesome moment from the New York Jets training camp has gone viral on Twitter.

During a recent practice for the squad, Brian Poole absolutely jacked up Jamison Crowder with a massive hit off of a Sam Darnold pass.

If you thought players didn’t get physical in practice very often anymore, this clip, which has nearly 600,000 views, should put that thought to rest for awhile. (RELATED: Le’Veon Bell Responds To Criticism Of His Work Ethic)

Give it a watch below.

That was a massive hit. Absolutely gigantic, and I’m actually a little surprised Poole threw down on Crowder like that.

Generally speaking, there’s no point in potentially getting hurt in camp, but I guess Poole just likes to bring that kind of energy for the Jets.

You can also tell how desperate people are for football content when training camp highlights are going viral online. That’s a pretty good sign people are super hyped.

You can go ahead and count me in that category as well. I couldn’t be more excited for the games to get underway.

Props to Poole for dropping the hammer and providing us with some great football content as we wait for the regular season to get underway.

Well done!