Chihuahua: Commando arrives unleashing terror in Bocoyna

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José, as he was unofficially identified, worked in the municipality of Bocoyna in the legal logging of trees, but early this morning a convoy of organized crime arrived at his house to steal his truck and in the struggle, they assassinated him. 
“He was between 45 and 50 years old, they killed him in front of his wife, they spared her life. They emptied his house, they were even attempted taking the mattress, but when they started to leave it fell out of the truck… when the police arrived, his wife had a candle lit on the body, “said a resident of the municipal seat where at dawn this Sunday they lived hours of “terror”.
From approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday to 2 a.m. on Sunday, the group of armed men arrived from the municipality of San Juanito to the municipal seat of Bocoyna, where they looted and then first set fire to three businesses located on the main street.
“Bocoyna does not have municipal police because they killed them all… the men arrived and started firing shots. They stole everything from three cell phone and furniture businesses … The street was full of casings, they left things thrown in the streets that they could not take away, “said the inhabitant on condition of anonymity.

After looting the businesses they set them on fire, and then they went to the house of whom they identified as José, a man between 45 and 50 years old, who had a truck to transport “bolillos”, as the pieces of wood are known, he was engaged in legal logging, his truck was stolen, he said.
“The police did not arrive, they had looted her house, they had killed her husband in front of her and his wife lit a candle for him,” said the woman who claimed to live in fear in the town located in the Chihuahua mountains.
Although some inhabitants commented that another person had been injured, the inhabitant said she did not know it, as well as the alleged abduction  of a teenager.
“The bullets (casings) were from the entrance of the town and all over,” said who shared the images of one of the businesses burned, where the armed men left their signature written with black spray with the name of the criminal group and the legend; “Hasta la muerte”.


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