Coronavirus map: Here’s where COVID-19 has spread in the United States

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Cases of the coronavirus have spread have emerged across the country, including Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

In recent days, Philadelphia announced its first case, Pennsylvania effectively shut down Montgomery County, a death was announced in New Jersey, and COVID-19 impacted several members of the University of Delaware community.

Across the country, Major League Baseball’s opening day was postponed; Broadway and Hollywood ground to a halt, and March Madness canceled. Universities from Harvard to UCLA telling students to stay away. Most travelers from Europe were banned.

Tom Hanks, Hollywood’s embodiment of everyday American-ness, in isolation in an Australian hospital with the virus. And the speaker of the House of Representatives taking this question Thursday morning: “How prepared is Congress to work from home?”

As the way of life changes by the day, here’s a look at where COVID-19 cases have appeared:

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