Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott will not face charges following Las Vegas incident

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Ezekiel Elliott can finally begin to move on from what happened in Las Vegas. He will not be charged for any crime stemming from an altercation that took place there in the spring, according to TMZ Sports.

This report has been confirmed to me by a source with knowledge of the situation. 

The two-time NFL rushing champ dominated the headlines for all the right reasons until this past May, as he readied for what should be a massive contract extension coming his way from the Dallas Cowboys. From reporting to voluntary conditioning despite holdout rumors at the time, to hosting his youth football camp and lots in-between, the maturation process of Elliott was on full display since his controversial six-game suspension in 2017. Unfortunately for him, all it took was one trip to Las Vegas to dim the light of his progress. 

TMZ Sports obtained a video of Elliott having a conversation with a woman being identified as his girlfriend at 3 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, while standing outside of the Electric Daisy Carnival. It appears in the video below that the dialogue escalated just a bit, but Elliott walked away and grabbed a bite to eat before reconvening with the woman shortly thereafter — where they continued their discussion. When a member of event security suddenly challenged Elliott, the two went chest-to-chest, and the security guard fell backward through a metal guard rail.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police determined Elliott did not apply the type of force necessary to create the fall, interviewed all involved and ultimately released the running back with no arrest. The alleged victim, Kyle Johnson, contends otherwise and threatened to press charges after the fact if he didn’t receive a formal apology.

“Obviously, it didn’t feel good falling onto a metal gate at three in the morning but, I mean, I play football,” Johnson said in an interview with TMZ Sports. “I play football. I’ve taken harder hits. It didn’t really hurt.

“…[The police] asked me if I wanted to press charges [while Elliott was handcuffed]. I didn’t want to make a rash decision that soon without evaluating it further. It was three in the morning.”

The league office has since conducted their own investigation that included commissioner Roger Goodell having a sit-down with Elliott, which led to a public apology and no punishment rendered — with the NFL determining there was no violation to the league’s personal conduct policy. Just 10 days after the formal statement from both Elliott and the NFL, Johnson has now decided he does want to press charges, according to Fox 5 Las Vegas.

“To just not have anything happen to him, the NFL is basically saying, ‘Hey, it’s OK for you to go to Vegas, get obliterated and go shove people into fences’,” Johnson said.

Elliott’s attorney affirmed the situation in Vegas was “much ado about nothing” and wasn’t concerned at the time there would be any charges levied in the future.

That, obviously, is no longer the case.

They immediately issued a follow-up statement to Johnson’s charges, and with accusations of their own.

“Over the course of the past several weeks, Mr. Elliott has been the target of extortion,” responded Elliott’s representation, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. “Kyle Johnson’s filing of a criminal complaint against Mr. Elliott in connection with the Las Vegas incident is the latest attempt to do so. Mr. Elliott and his team are in contact with all of the proper authorities and are fully cooperating with them in their investigations.”

Johnson holds firm that all he wanted was an apology, but also admitted the two-time All-Pro apologized at the scene of the incident.

Elliott, 24, worked out in Mexico while the Cowboys were in training camp at Oxnard, California, and has reportedly shed some weight in the process. He’s not completely out of the legal woods yet, though, with a separate lawsuit pending from an alleged victim of a 2017 car accident who is seeking $20 million in damages, and accusing both Elliott and the Cowboys of conspiring with local Frisco Police to cover up details of the event.

Still, the news out of Las Vegas gives him at least one reason to smile, while he hopes the Cowboys soon give him yet another.