Cowboys for Trump invite president to New Mexico

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Griffin is part of the group Cowboys for Trump and said he supports the president and hopes he will visit the state soon.

“I believe that New Mexico has never needed our president more than New Mexico needs our president today,” Griffin told KOB 4.

Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace is the president of the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association and said the state doesn’t need more gun laws – it needs to enforce the laws it has.

“You know, we have the expanded background checks. It became effective July 1,” Mace said. “It has done absolutely nothing to protect citizens or prevent crime. We know that. There are still homicides in Albuquerque. There are still homicides and murders and shootings everywhere.”

As KOB 4 previously reported, Mace led a group of sheriffs that opposed new gun legislation passed this year by the state’s legislature.

Meanwhile, the group Cowboys for Trump used the rally to endorse Republican Yvette Herrell for Congress.

Herrell, a Republican, was narrowly defeated by Democrat Xochitl Torres Small during last year’s election and will challenge her in 2020.

After last weekend’s mass shootings, Torres Small tweeted, “(It’s) time for the Senate to follow the House’s leadership and pass universal background checks. The safety of our communities depend on it.”

President Donald Trump recently told reporters he would support new legislation when it comes to background checks.

However, Herrell said she would want to see what that looks like before moving forward, if elected.

“I mean, we need to look at other things besides just the gun,” Herrell said. “I think anything that impedes our Second Amendment – I’m not in favor of and I don’t think this district would be either.”