Curofy to expand into Middle East, triple its team

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NEW DELHI: Online medical-professionals platform Curofy will expand into the Middle-East this year and hire an additional 55-60 people, said co-founder Pawan Gupta to ET.

The hiring will be focused on expanding the business, marketing and tech teams, said Gupta. The company currently employs 30 people. He said that the presence of a strong Indian community in the Middle-East was a reason the company was expanding there. The Delhi-based company is also exploring plans to enter Southeast Asia.

Curofy is a an app on which doctors can post queries about cases and receive responses from other doctors. Gupta said they had more than 4 lakh doctors on board so far, and were hopeful of increasing the number to 5 lakh doctors by the end of the year. Curofy is currently free and makes revenue through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

The company is exploring the option of adding patient financing to the platform, said Gupta. Curofy may also change to a freemium model – where additional features are available at a cost on an otherwise free service.

Speaking about the Indian market, Gupta said that 80% of doctors on the platform were from non-metros, as there were not enough networking opportunities there. He added that doctors in metros were generally too busy and didn’t stick on the platform as a result.

The company also added machine-learning capabilities to come up with more accurate cases that matched the ones doctors put up on the site, said Gupta. He said the company was also considering using machine learning capabilities to suggest cures for diseases, but was proceeding cautiously.

Curofy investors Roundglass LLC had bought over the company last year at an undisclosed amount. The company was founded in 2015 by IIT-Delhi alumni Mudit Vijayvergiya, Nipun Goyal and Pawan Gupta.