David Ayer frustrated by attacks on Suicide Squad; says the movie not his original version

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Harley Quinn with other members of Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn with other members of Suicide SquadFacebook / Suicide Squad

Director James Gunn will begin filming The Suicide Squad movie later this month as actors like Jai Courtney are already heading to Atlanta on Sunday for production. With the announcement of its full cast, the hype for the upcoming movie continues to grow but some critics are still throwing shade at the 2017 Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer.

Ayer’s Suicide Squad was reportedly a victim to major studio intervention which changed the original vision and is believed to be one of the reason’s behind its failure with critics. Even the director has openly been vocal about the original assembly (a.k.a Ayer’s cut) and yet again, he has come forward in support of his film after Indiewire Senior Film critic David Ehrlich put out a derogatory tweet.

The tweet aimed against the follow-up movie and the original caught Ayer’s attention and he was quick to respond back, expressing his frustration for being attacked for a film that was not his original vision.

The journalist was quick to apologize after his tweets gained traction and he clarified that he only meant to express his “frustration” over the “endless franchise hype parade”. You can check it out below.

Suicide Squad


2017’s Suicide Squad is considered to be a misfire by Warner Bros. though its box office performance was impressive with an earning of  $747 million worldwide. The movie received mixed responses with a majority of audiences disliking the movie for its poor introduction of the Task Force X and issues with Joker’s brief screentime.

Going by Ayer’s tweet, he surely seems to be “moving on” as things do in the Hollywood industry. But is in fact, excited for Gunn’s The Suicide Squad says the Guardians of the Galaxy director “will make something amazing” with the DC film.

Even Gunn responded back and seemed grateful by the support.

The Suicide Squad will see Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman reprising their respective roles from the original movie with a sleeve of new actors joining to portray new roles. The movie will release in August 2021. 

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