Don Lemon References ‘3 Mass Shootings This Weekend’ But Doesn’t Address Chicago’s Shootings

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Don Lemon referenced “3 mass shootings this weekend” in his opening question on gun control during the third Democratic Debate, but did not address the weekend shootings in Chicago that left 8 dead and 40 wounded, including a young child.

The CNN anchor referenced the shootings in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Gilroy but left out the shootings in Chicago that took place over the same weekend. RELATED: Chicago Weekend Gun Violence: At Least 8 Dead, 40 Wounded)

“There were three large scale shootings in America, at a park in Brooklyn, the streets of Philadelphia, and one that left three dead and two injured at a food festival in Gilroy, California, mayor Buttigieg, other than words of comfort,” said Lemon. “What are you going to do to stop this epidemic of gun violence?”


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“The only thing I could think of looking into the eyes of this child is we’re supposed to be dealing with this so you don’t have to,” said Pete Buttigieg in response to Lemon’s question. “High school is hard enough without having to worry about whether you’re going to get shot.”

A report from the Chicago Sun Times indicates that over the weekend from Friday at 5 p.m to Sunday at midnight a total of 48 were shot in Chicago including an eight-year-old boy that authorities said actually shot himself.

Many during live coverage of the debate expressed worry over the Democratic stance on the issue of gun control.