‘Don’t lose faith in the United States’: CNN’s Jim Acosta on a changing America

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When CNN’s Jim Acosta tells the story of his father immigrating to the United States in 1962, he describes an experience of “warmth and compassion.”Now, though, he says that’s no longer the case for many and pointed to the “send her back” chants from crowds at a rally for U.S. President Donald Trump last week, in which he ripped into four Democratic congresswomen of colour — something he says is only a symptom of the much bigger changes gripping the nation.Story continues below

READ MORE: Trump says he tried to stop ‘send her back’ chant — video shows he was silent for 13 seconds“There are lots of immigrants across this country who are living in fear, and to me, that’s just an un-American type of experience and one that we in the press have to really take a cold, hard look at,” he said in an interview with the West Block’s Eric Sorenson.“I think it’s undoubtedly the case that to some extent America is changing, if you have political rallies where that sort of thing is going on.”WATCH BELOW: Ilhan Omar greeted by cheering crowds upon her return to Minnesota