‘Dream Girl’ review: While the film’s premise is…

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Bollywood’s leading men love wearing women’s garb to keep the box office rolling. From Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty to Akshay Kumar and Govinda, no one could resist the comic possibilities. But debutant director Raaj Shaandilyaa’s ‘Dream Girl‘ is the story of a young man, Karamvir Singh (Khurrana), who has a talent for imitating female voices.

This talent helps Karamvir to land a lucrative job in a call centre for sex chats. Life is a cruise for a while, and the moolah rolls in. But things go haywire when customers, both men and women, many of whom he knows closely, fall for his alter ego ‘Pooja’ and start searching for the face behind the sultry voice. All this while, Karamvir’s girlfriend Mahi (Bharucha) is oblivious of his double life.

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While the premise of ‘Dream Girl’ is interesting, it doesn’t go beyond that idea. Shaandilyaa manages to evoke some amount of laughter in this situational comedy, but there isn’t much of a story to narrate.

The hilarious situations that are spawned out of Karamvir’s quandary cannot lead the story anywhere beyond a point. Post interval, the narrative becomes a routine about Pooja being chased by her bunch of lovers, and how she desperately tries to outsmart them. It could all have seemed mediocre despite the random laughs, but for a few brilliant scenes with Khurrana and Kapoor. For Khurrana, the movie is an assurance that he is capable of turning on the mainstream mojo with his brand of understated acting for the humour quotient.

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