Edinburgh restaurant’s Film Club lets foodie film fans in on the action

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From the breakfast of champions in Rocky to the tomato sauce with meatballs in The Godfather, we all remember delicious and disgusting iconic food scenes from the movies, but one Edinburgh restaurant is helping fans be part of the action.

Kyloe Restaurant and Grill in Edinburgh launched their Film Club earlier this month immersive culinary cinema experience where foodie film fans can eat the same foods along with the characters on screen.

The first Pulp Fiction showing at Kyloe sold out in three minutes.

The first Pulp Fiction showing at Kyloe sold out in three minutes.

This month, the Rutland Street restaurant are showing Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction and inviting diners along to enjoy the film and four courses of memorable edible moments.

On arrival, Pulp Fiction fans will receive prosecco, popcorn and jelly sweets before sitting down to the viewing.

As the 1994 crime film starts in a diner, the audience is served up with a Denver omelette and ‘Diner coffee martini’ – and no gun to their head, as well as a glass of Cold Town Beer.

Course two is Kyloe’s take on Tarantino’s famous big Kahuna burger and a Hard Sprite, which is served in the scene where Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, questions his soon-to-be victim Brett over his choice of fast food restaurant.

The Hawaiian-themed burger chain also makes an appearance in three of Tarantino’s other films.

Following the film, the next course features a ‘Douglas Sirk Steak’ which is ordered by John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega, and can be served ‘bloody as hell or burnt to a crisp’.

Diners will also be able to enjoy either a Vanilla vodka coke, or a boozy $5 shake and a contemporary ‘corpse reviver’ cocktail.

The final course is blueberry pancakes, a favourite of the girlfriend of Bruce Willis’s character, Butch Coolidge.

Pulp Fiction is the first of the films which Signature Pub Group, who run Kyloe will be featuring.

Business Development Manager, Hannah McConnachie, said: “The Film Club was a Kyloe and Signature Pubs team effort.

“We wanted to offer an experiential dining opportunity where you can have a lot of fun mixing the theme of the movie to match props and dishes throughout the event.

Hannah added: “Everybody has absolutely loved it so far, I think the precision of how we time each course with the timing through the film has been spot on, for example at the beginning of the film, as soon as it mentions a Denver omelette being ordered, the Denver omelette is served.

“The staff have done a lot of training and part of that was we had to watch the film on a few occasions to get the timing right down to a tee.”

The Pulp Fiction film club first took place on 10 August and sold out in just three minutes but due to popular demand will also run on 16 and 24 August between 12pm and 4pm.

The viewing takes place in Kyloe’s private dining room where and there are still a few dates available for both.

Tickets cost £50 for the Pulp Fiction inspired menu as well as £5 for the film ticket per person.

To book in for the Pulp Fiction Film Club contact Hannah McConnachie on 0131 357 2866 or email: hannah.mcconnachie@signaturepubs.co.uk

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