Europe is learning that trade beats taxation — State Journal editorial from 150 years ago

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This State Journal editorial ran on Aug. 30, 1869:

The Spaniards seem to be congratulating themselves that they are to make some money out of Cuba. This beautiful and ambitious island desires her freedom. She has taken up arms against her master, and fought valiantly to break her fetters.

She deserves success.

But the battle, alas, is not always to be deserving. Some of her best friends are civilians. For this and other reasons, her strength cannot all be exerted in war, and of late it has been rumored that Cubans are negotiating to purchase the right to govern themselves. They offer, we believe, $100 million for the privilege.

Senate quarrel settled without loss of blood -- State Journal report from 150 years ago

This State Journal report ran on April 28, 1869, after U.S. Sen. William Sprague, R-R.I., had referred to U.S. Sen. Joseph Abbott, R-N.C., as …

Strange to say, the London papers don’t object. The reason is that if Cuba should become independent, or be annexed to this country, the present restrictions on foreign trade maintained by Spain would be removed. The island would become prosperous, and English commerce would gather at least her share of the good things.

They begin to see over in Europe that it is expensive business governing possessions that lie so near the United States. It takes too many soldiers. They see that it is better to get the trade of a good customer and make money on the profits of goods sold, than to have the privilege of taxing a poor people at the expense of governing and defending them.

Englishmen know very well that they make millions of money out of the trade with America that they never could have obtained by taxation, which would have kept us in the condition of thriftless, beggarly colonies.

'Lying, crawling, virulent and remorseless' -- State Journal editorial from 150 years ago

This State Journal editorial ran on Jan. 26, 1869:

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