EXCLUSIVE: 4 People Killed And Magaya Says Aguma Clinically Tested in South Africa, Botswana

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“It has gone through all trials, and it has gone through all tests in South Africa, in Botswana, in India and other countries.” – 

 – Walter Magaya

  • Botswana Minister Of Health says it is not true

By Simba Chikanza| Speaking after four people died after taking his Aguma medication, the controversial preacher, Walter Magaya has returned to the fore to defend his HIV AIDS “treatment”, this time claiming it has undergone clinical tests in three nations, namely, South Africa, Botswana, and India.

The development comes 10 months after Magaya’s treatment was “banned” and the preacher was arrested, convicted and fined USD700.

Impeccable documents show that just as Magaya was raided by police over his so called “treatment,” Aguma on the 30th October 2018, within 10 days he had registered another brand and would continue selling Aguma under a second brand known as Aviivo.

Four people have since died after taking Aguma. The father of one the victims, tells his story in the feature release today, on 1st August.

“We are the first batch of clients, if I am not mistaken, we should be the 3rd customers; When it was first called Aguma, and we were buying on behalf of my son, whatever the case, we thought my son was going to be helped, until he developed a condition with the kidney infection, it was caused by those herbs. He died on the 4th April this year.

ZimEye reached Magaya’s lawyer for a comment early in July and none was given, despite messages reaching him.

The preacher however contacted ZimEye on Monday evening apparently hoping to use a well known politician so to possibly obtain media favours. Magaya told ZimEye he wishes to travel to the London, UK for a crusade meeting and before then, he wants to clear his name concerning many reports and allegations against his name.

Although he hung up the phone promising to phone back on Wednesday, Walter Magaya answered the crucial question concerning complaints about his Aguma medication.

His exact words were: “Apparently, everything is tested, everything is clinical and I’ve all the papers that are necessary to answer. Let me tell my team to contact Dr Wellness to address everything, as I have said, allow me to answer everything on Wednesday, and all the things, to clear the conceptions to the minds, to answer on all such things.

“Cause whatever is said to have been given to people, it has gone through all the clinical trials, but Aviivo is not me. I am not even Avivo at all, and I have the papers to prove that Aguma was discontinued, and it has gone through all trials, and it has gone through all tests in South Africa, in Botswana, in India and other countries.

“I am sure you have all those things. But anyway everything I will answer you [on Wednesday].”

Wednesday however came and Magaya did not call as per his promise. He later responded via text message to claim he is in Nigeria with his mentor TB Joshua.

Contrary to his claims, a brief visit at Magaya’s premises at 166 – 8 Smuts Road, Prospect proves the preacher is truly selling Aviivo. (SEE PICTURES)

Furthermore contrary to his claims, there is no record at all of clinical tests on Aguma, or Aviivo in Botswana, or South Africa, and on Tuesday the Botswana’s Minister  of Health & Wellness, Dr Alfred Madigele told ZimEye via phone, “it is not true, I am not aware of any such.” He then requested for an email so he could forward an official response.


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