Exclusive WFLA-Emerson College poll shows Biden ahead of Sanders in Florida

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A new exclusive poll from Emerson College and WFLA-TV is revealing how much of an impact coronavirus is having on the political landscape in Florida.

More than 430 respondents weighed in on topics relating to the state’s March 17 presidential preference primary election between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

One of the poll questions asked how many voters believe coronavirus poses a public threat. The majority of respondents consider COVID-19 to be a serious threat to the public.

How much of a threat to public health in the United States do you believe Coronavirus represents?

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Source: WFLA-TV, Emerson College

The impact of the virus – along with costs of testing, diagnosis and treatment – could equate to a financial catastrophe for low-income residents and the socioeconomically vulnerable in the state, putting a spotlight on each candidate’s healthcare policy.

Sen. Sanders has stuck to the concept of “Medicare for All,” which would overturn the healthcare system as it stands, replacing private health insurance with federal, government-funded insurance for every American.

Tax increases would cover what would currently be paid as insurance premiums.

More than 55 percent of the respondents preferred the health care plan of former Vice President Biden, who would implement his own version of the Affordable Care Act.

Biden’s plan would allow health care to be purchased through the government as an option. The number of people eligible for tax credits from private health insurance purchases would also increase.

Which candidate has the best healthcare policy?

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Source: WFLA-TV, Emerson College

Among other questions, voters were asked what the most important issues were to them when picking a nominee. An overwhelming majority of more than 47 percent said that the single most important issue was electing a nominee who could beat President Donald Trump – beyond social issues, environmental issues, health care and education.

When it comes to deciding for whom you will vote for president, which one of the following is the single most important issue in deciding for whom you will vote

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Source: WFLA-TV, Emerson College

With Joe Biden ahead in delegates – 867 to Sanders’ 711 – Florida’s upcoming primary, worth 219 delegates, could mean the end of the road for Bernie Sander’s presidential hopes.