Film Augusta works to make the town more marketable for the film industry

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Posted: Nov 6, 2019 / 05:02 PM EST Updated: Nov 6, 2019 / 05:45 PM EST

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The future of tourism in Augusta is looking bright as major movie studios, including Warner Brothers, have put the CSRA on the big screen.

These movie locations may be becoming tourist attractions.

One location is the Law Enforcement Center. Come 2021, the building will be recognized worldwide as a movie location in “The Suicide Squad” reboot. Augusta’s Convention and Visitors Bureau says that Hollywood has put a spotlight right here in Augusta.

Four feature films camped their set at different locations around town just this year.

President and CEO of the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bennish Brown, says, “we’re competing with destinations around the globe, so when you’re selected for whatever reason it’s always a great victory.”

From big cities to small towns, location is everything. So how did Augusta get on the market?

Film Liaison with Film Augusta, Jennifer Bowen, says, “this past year we were able to go to Los Angeles and help to sponsor the Holly Shorts Film Festival. It happens that the co-owner of the film festival that just celebrated it’s 15th year actually lives in Augusta now.”

Film Augusta uses source books and general advertising that goes straight to filmmakers. They have a website. On this site you can search for different registered locations, and see how it looks inside.

“It also sync’s automatically with the Gorgia Film Office photo library. And so, what’s big about film right now is the state of Georgia. The state of Georgia has incredible tax incentives,” says Bowen.

Located right between Atlanta and Savannah, Bowen says the film industry sees Augusta as an untapped market.

“The awareness of Augusta sort of exploded within the film industry,” says Bowen. “They have become very aware of us, they are interested, they want to know more.”

As for the future of tourism, new attractions are in the works.

“If we were to package all of those movies that have been filmed here and turned those into an opportunity to tour people around to see those sites,” says Brown, “we certainly would have a product, and that’s something we are ultimately looking to do.”

The link with all the desired movie locations in the CSRA can be found HERE. On that site, you can also register your own location if you see it fit to star in a movie.