Film composer David Rosen explores new territory through podcasting

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David Rosen wears many hats. Movie nerd, music guru and all-around pop culture sponge, Rosen is also a self-taught film composer. Now he can add podcast host and producer to his CV, too.

The son of Wax Trax Records owner Rich Rosen, David grew up being able to pluck any album he wanted off the shelf, all the rare and hard-to-find copies available at his disposal.

If his first love was music, cinema was a close second. His appreciation for the two worlds grew, and in 1999 he began composing scores for independent short films—and working on his own ambient, trip-hop and electronic soundscapes.

A year and a half ago, the composer and producer launched the Piecing It Together podcast, which analyzes movies through the lens of what other films might have inspired them, kick-starting a whole new passion for podcasting. “I wanted to have a different angle of looking at movies,” Rosen says. “It’s a way to not only get an idea of what the movie is, but to digest it.”

Rosen’s perspective encompasses his love for the art form, which started as a teenager and only progressed with films like Clerks in the mid-’90s. “I still have so many blind spots, but I’ve tried over the years to fill in the blanks, and this show is a really good way to find things I should be going back to,” he says.

This month welcomed the third installment of the annual Sin City Horror Fest at the Palms, and on September 15, Rosen hosted his first live taping of Piecing It Together from inside Brenden Theatres. He and guests Drew Marvick (co-founder of Sin City Horror Fest), writer and director Michael Keene and film critic (and Weekly contributor) Josh Bell broke down Keene’s campy horror film The Head, which had screened at the fest prior to the podcast.

And that isn’t the only podcast he’s working on. Rosen is also the co-host of the politically focused Bird Road, a producer for Entre Dos—a podcast about raising bilingual children in the United States—and a producer and contributor to the Awesome Movie Year podcast. And he’s in the early stages of producing a podcast called All Rice, No Beans, hosted by Lindo Michoacan restaurant manager Stephanie Barajas.

Rosen’s main goal right now is to grow the audience for Piecing It Together, but he hopes to add more gigs to his podcast portfolio in the future. And yes, he has “batted around the idea” of doing a Wax Trax podcast with his dad. “I think a podcast could really fit his personality. It could be a lot of fun.”

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