Florida moms celebrate first day of school with hilarious photo

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MINNEOLA, Fla. (WSVN) — As school kicks into session around the country, a group of Florida moms is celebrating their kids heading back to class.

According to Fox 35, Shawna, Bridget, Jennifer, and Robyn live in Minneola, Florida and between the four of them, they have 18 children.

This year, with the first day of school, the group of moms decided to celebrate their kids heading back to class with some much needed relaxation.

Shawna, the owner Wee Winks Photography, snapped a photo showing the group of moms enjoying wine and doughnuts while next to a sign that reads “First Day of School 2010 #ByeFelicia.”

“Some of you are sad. This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuuust fine,” Shawna said in the photo’s caption.

Shawna told Fox 35 that the picture has received some positive feedback. “We have ladies wanting to hang out with us and down some wine. We have gotten offers to go to Disney with some,” she said.

However, not everyone likes the photo, including the group’s older children. Shawna said the kids they they are crazy.

“The older ones are now disowning us because of how far these pics are going. We have threatened to walk them to school in our robes,” she said.

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