Ghana police nab three Nigerian stowaways in Europe-bound ship

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Ghana Police officers have nabbed three male Nigerians who hid as stowaways in a ship heading to Europe.

According to reports, they had traveled in the ship from a port in Lagos and were hoping to remain in there until she got to Europe. From there, the stowaways had planned to find their ways into communities of their destinations.

However, their plans ended after security officers at the port of Tema in Ghana, discovered that they were aboard the ship.

Ghana police nab three Nigerian stowaways in Europe-bound ship

In its reports, Ghana News Agency stated that the three individuals had carried out the act independently and as a matter of fact, two of them had gone through the same means in the past, only for them to be deported back to Nigeria.

Ghana’s  Port Security Manager, Joseph Punamane has also reacted to the incident, iterating that the three stowaways will be sent back to Nigeria immediately. He then urged those intending to embark on such acts to have a rethink as stowaways are prone to sustaining injuries and in some cases, they lose their lives.

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