Gun that killed 9-year-old Chicago boy bought in New Mexico

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Tyshawn Lee

Correction posted below.

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Investigators say the gun used in the high profile execution of a Chicago boy was bought in New Mexico.

Chicago police say 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was executed in 2015 by gang members to send a message to his father, a ranking member in a rival gang.

Court documents show the man who purchased the guns used in the killing sent money through a Walmart money transfer to someone in New Mexico to buy the guns.

The so-called “straw buyer” then mailed them to Chicago. The ATF and U.S. Attorney’s office here in New Mexico are not saying if they’re investigating the buyer here.

Correction: KRQE News 13 previously reported the guns were bout at Walmart. Though Walmart was used to transfer the money, it’s not clear where in New Mexico the guns were purchased.