Has Seattle already seen its hottest weather of the year?

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Is it possible that we’ll get through this summer without the stretches of sweltering and record-breaking heat we had in the previous two years?


It’s still a little too early to say for sure — and meteorologists aren’t inclined to rule out that prospect at this stage of the game — but Carly Kovacik, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle, said it’s conceivable.

With half of August behind us and the nights growing longer, we are climatologically at a point where we may have seen much of our hottest weather already, she said.

High temperatures have been more moderate this year, as compared to some recent years, because the high-pressure ridges that typically bring hot and dry weather when they build up in the area haven’t been set up for long enough for us to have a really hot summer, Kovacik said.

“We would never rule out the chance for a period of hot weather,” Kovacik said, “but by mid-September, our outlook will be headed more toward the cooler season.”

This weekend will bring mostly dry weather and slightly cooler temperatures — with highs in the lower 70s on Saturday and the mid-70s on Sunday — to most of the Puget Sound region, Kovacik said.


Some showers could appear Sunday north of Seattle in the San Juan Islands and near the Canadian border, she said.

An onshore flow from the west will keep cool marine air blowing into much of the region.

“It’s looking like a nice weekend,” Kovacik said.

Monday is predicted to warm up slightly, bringing us back into the upper 70s, and highs on Tuesday could reach into the lower 80s, said Kovacik.