Illinois Red Flag Law Drawing Interest From Other States

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With two mass shootings in national media coverage over the weekend, lawmakers may be turning to Illinois to curtail future shootings. Since January, Illinois residents have been able to visit their local courthouse and file a “Firearms Restraining Order” against family members they think could be harmful.

Many think that other states should adopt the law to put the focus on family and law enforcement’s ability to have a stop gap for a rampage. An emergency order can last for 14 days. Then, if a judge deems the threat credible, the order can be extended for six months. The sheriff’s office is responsible for collecting the guns. Since January, at least three of these orders have been filed in Sangamon County and one in Menard County.

Law enforcement wants to remind folks not to hesitate to call them right away if a family member is a danger to themselves or others. A restraining order is not necessarily needed to seize weapons in an urgent situation.