Illinois Resident Convicts Find Easier Path to Health Care Jobs

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Illinois residents convicted of a crime may no longer find it difficult to find a job in the health care industry. A new Illinois law signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker has eased restrictions for citizen’s with a criminal background to find work in the healthcare field.

According to a press release, nearly 40% of Illinois’ workforce has an arrest or conviction in their background. These convictions can sometimes lead to difficulty finding a job, keeping up a cycle of criminal activity according to Illinois State Senator Elgie Sims of Chicago, who sponsored the bill.

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton says a conviction should not stand in the way of someone trying to better themselves.

“Our goal is to make it possible to have a viable career and not be automatically excluded for a past mistake. When people have access to these opportunities, it is not only a better quality of life for them, but also for their families.”

The law creates a more streamlined healthcare waiver application process and expands the list of organizations that can initiate a fingerprint-based background check. The law went into effect immediately upon receiving the governor’s signature.