Irving Eduardo Solano Vera, alias “El Gato”, Arrested

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 it was announced that Irving Eduardo Solano Vera,
aliases “El Gato” and “El Profe”, described as head of plaza for the Cártel
Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in Morelos, had been arrested by members of Sedena
and the FGR before dawn during an operation that took place on Matías Romero
street in the colonia of Santa Rosa of the city of Cuautla, Morelos.

Eduardo Solano Vera was born in Cuautla and is a former police officer, having
joined the Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado de Morelos (PGJEM) on
July 27, 2000, specifically the Homicide Investigation Group, up until he quit
on November 18, 2003, only to rejoin on January 8, 2005.  At some point during his time as a police
officer he became acquainted with
Salvador Pintado Vázquez, a
member of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, who invited him to join the organization.

At the beginning
of his criminal career “El Gato” was sent to the southwest part of Morelos to
work under Manuel Alejandro Briones Rodríguez, alias “El Chaparrito”.  Following the December 2009 death of Arturo
Beltrán Leyva, alias “’El Barbas”, leader of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, the
organization began to fracture and “El Gato” chose to work for the splinter cartel
led by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, alias “La Barbie”.

“El Gato” was
arrested on July 11, 2010 by the now defunct Policía Federal along with
José Luis Solano Morales, alias “El Rengo”.  At that time the then 29 year old “El Gato”
was described as a high ranking operator for the cartel lead by “La Barbie”,
who had placed great trust in him.  He
was in charge of hitmen, training new cartel members, purchasing weapons,
selling drugs on a retail level and trafficking in both the states of Morelos and
Guerrero, as well as coordinating security logistics for shipments along with
Gonzalo Mena Pardino, alias “El Cabezas”.

On September
28, 2015 it was reported that “El Gato” had “recently” been released from
prison and was leading a criminal group in the eastern part of the state,
apparently “Comando Tlahuica”, which he would later be more definitively identified

At some
point “Comando Tlahuica” became affiliated with the CJNG, which sought to
expand into Morelos through alliances with a number of small organization.  “El Gato” and “Comando Tlahuica” would also go
on to become an enemy of Los Rojos, led by Santiago Mazar
í Hernández, alias “El Carrete” and he was specifically listed on
messages signed by “El Carrete” under his other alias 
El Señor de los Caballos” in July 2019.

of the CJNG in Morelos would eventually be held by Isidro Raymundo Castro,
alias “El Ray”, apparently a former member of Guerreros Unidos.  “El Ray” would in turn be arrested on May 7,
2019 but apparently continued to lead from prison up until October 30, when he
was killed by fellow prisoners in the

Thereafter, “El Gato” is reported to have become the leader of the CJNG
in Morelos up until the time of his own arrest.


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