Israel alone in Middle East in preferring Trump to Biden

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Israel was the only country with a more favorable view of President Donald Trump than Democratic challenger Joe Biden in a poll of representative samples of the populations of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Morocco that was conducted this week and last week on behalf of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Jerusalem.Trump’s average approval rating in the Middle East is 40%, but 47% view him unfavorably, as opposed to Biden, who made a favorable impression on 46% of the respondents although 31% saw him negatively.In Israel, however, more respondents answering in Hebrew (58%) and Arabic (54%) viewed Trump favorably compared to Biden, whom 40% of Hebrew-speakers and 50% of Arabic-speakers viewed positively.The country that most favored Biden was the UAE, where 69% had a positive impression but the UAE is also the only Arab-majority country in which more than half (52%) had a favorable view of Trump.Palestinians had the worst impression of Trump, with 15% viewing him positively and 67% negatively, but they also had the worst impression of Biden, with only 26% giving him a positive score, while 41% marked him negatively.In Qatar, more than half of respondents had a negative view of Trump (55%) and in Morocco 59% didn’t approve of the US president.Asked “which candidate do you think will be the most successful in the Middle East when it comes to stability and peace,” more respondents across the region (44%) answered “not sure” rather than picking either candidate, although 30% chose Biden and 26% named Trump. Israeli Hebrew-speakers, Palestinians and Saudis were the only groups who chose Trump over Biden. In Israel, 49% chose Trump and 17% named Biden. In the Palestinian Authority, 9% chose Trump and 7% picked Biden. And in Saudi Arabia, 23% said Trump and 22% said Biden.Biden received his best score on efforts to bring peace and stability from Qatar where 48% chose him, followed by the UAE on 46%.The poll by Keevoon Global Research was conducted among 1,900 respondents who answered on their mobile devices on October 18-27 and it was divided according to gender and age.

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