Kelly a No Show for Illinois Sex Abuse Hearing

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Kelly was a no show for his hearing this morning at 26thand California’s Leighton Criminal Court Building.

According to State’s Attorney Jennifer Gonzalez, the troubled singer “refused transport” from the Metropolitan Correctional federal facility where he’s been held in solitary confinement since his arrest in early July.

While Kelly’s defense attorney Steve Greenbergagreed that the U.S. Marshals had difficulty transporting the troubled singer, he made sure to assure the court that the troubled singer was not uncooperative. “Suffice it to say that the Marshals Service said moving Mr. Kelly is a large undertaking.”

In Kelly’s absence, Gonzalez and Greenberg went head to head in an exchange of motions to determine the singer’s fate.

Greenberg pushed for the Cook County proceedings be halted until the Federal indictments have been resolved, pointing out that the indictments are “terribly intertwined” as the N.Y. federal indictments cover everything that subsequently is being addressed in the Illinois state case, minus discovery.

Presiding Judge Lawrence Flood insisted that the state proceedings continue, “We’re going to proceed as if these other two matters are not pending right now– at least as far as preparing for trial–and we’re going to proceed as if we’re going to go to trial. “

Gonzalez and the State’s Attorney team filed a motion to increase the singer’s already $1 million-dollar bail despite Kelly currently being held without bond on the current federal charges.  Again, Judge Flood, refused to continue with the motion, citing, “he has to be here as far as those issues are concerned.”

Hearings to determine bail and discovery will resume Sept. 17 where the judge demands Kelly be present.