Las Vegas restaurant serves up grasshopper pizza as plague sweeps city

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(Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)
(Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

A Las Vegas restaurant is making a feature of the city’s grasshopper invasion by serving up the insects on their pizzas.

Evel Pie, a restaurant themed around daredevil stuntman Evel Knievel, is sprinkling grasshoppers on its latest creation, the Canyon Hopper.

What started out as a joke amongst our stoner friends has swept the nation. When you all were fighting over Pineapple on…

Posted by Evel Pie on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The pizza is topped with chorizo, goats’ cheese, caramelised onions and rocket – as well as grasshoppers seasoned with lime and garlic.

In a Facebook post, Evel Pie conceded that it “sounds nasty”, but added: “This pizza is damn good! It surprised us.”

According to meteorologists, the number of grasshoppers in the area ballooned thanks to a wet winter and spring, and they were attracted to the city thanks to its famous lights.

Posted by

Evel Pie on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

But don’t expect to see Evel Pie staff members on the Strip scooping them up for their menu – these insects have been imported from Mexico.

For adventurous diners, the pizzeria also lists rattlesnake sausage among its available toppings.

Branden Powers, a managing partner at Evel Pie, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “That’s kind of the spirit of Evel Knievel and the spirit of Evel Pie is just to always be a daredevil with your taste buds. Take chances. Take risks.”

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