Man accused of kidnapping, sexual assault at Las Vegas apartment

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A man was arrested last month after Las Vegas police said he kidnapped two men, broke into their apartment and raped a woman in May.

Geouard Dauterive, 39, was charged with multiple counts of kidnapping, attempting robbery and sexual assault, all with a deadly weapon, as well as burglary, robbery and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. His kidnapping charges and one attempted robbery charge has an enhancement because the victim was an older person, according to court records.

About 1:30 a.m. May 2, an unidentified 57-year-old man was walking to his friend’s apartment, where he’d been staying for the past three weeks. When he got to the building, his 69-year-old friend came downstairs to let him in. But when the pair got to the top of the stairs, they were threatened by Dauterive, a man they had never met, according to a Metropolitan Police Department arrest report.

Dauterive forced them into their apartment and into a bedroom, where a woman whom the 69-year-old man claimed not to know was lying on the bed. Dauterive had the men lay facedown on the ground and zip-tied their hands behind their backs, then told them to give him drugs and money, the report said. According to police, when he couldn’t find any drugs or money, Dauterive raped the woman.

The 69-year-old told police that while this was happening, he was able to free his hands from the zip ties. At this point, he said, Dauterive hit him in the head with his gun. The man said he fought Dauterive off and ran to a nearby bus station to seek help from security.

His left eye socket was fractured and he had gashes along the back of his head, sides of his face and chin, and just above his left eyebrow. He was transported to University Medical Center.

The 69-year-old told police he believed his friend might still be tied up in the apartment. When officers arrived, they found the 57-year-old with a zip tie tightly wrapped around his right wrist. Police said there was blood streaked across the apartment.

In a testimony from University Medical Center the following day, the 57-year-old man told police a story that mirrored his friend’s. He said that after Dauterive fled the scene, the woman on the bed cut one of the zip ties on his hands before running away.

On May 13, police traced the woman’s fingerprints from the scene and were able to find her. She was in jail on an unrelated charge.

Detectives visited the jail on June 7 to interview the woman. She said she knew the 69-year-old — she told police the two had been smoking meth May 2. She told police she had fallen asleep but was woken up by the noise when Dauterive forced the two men into the apartment. She said he tied them up and started searching the apartment for money and drugs.

The woman told police she offered Dauterive meth from her pocket, which he smoked before raping her. She said he then stole her phone and fled the apartment.

On July 12, police got DNA evidence from the zip ties that led them to Dauterive. When they showed the woman a photo lineup including Dauterive on July 19, she identified him.

Dauterive was arrested July 25 but told police in his initial testimony that he had never been to the apartment complex. After detectives told him about their investigation, he said he had visited a second-floor apartment to use narcotics, but said he wouldn’t say any more.

A few moments later, unprompted, Dauterive told police that he had gone to the apartment to smoke meth when the woman tried to seduce him and the men tried to mug him.

Dauterive is held at Clark County Detention Center without bail. He has a prelinary hearing set for Sept. 3.

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