Man finds piles of stolen mail abandoned in the desert outside Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KTNV/CNN) – A man out riding his ATV near Las Vegas found piles of stolen mail.

A lot of people didn’t get their mail because it was taken and dumped in the Nevada desert. (Source: KTNV/CNN)

He’s trying help get some of the mail back to their rightful owners.

The find included letters, urgent packages and lots of bills: “North Las Vegas, Southwest Gas, everybody’s payments, expiration notice,” Terry Snyder said.

He said he found the pile hidden in the Nellis dunes Monday and says it’s the second stolen mail dump he’s found on this ridge in august.

The first larger pile he found burned a few feet away.

“I told them that it’s going to be real windy, so they came out. We picked up the important mail, and left basically the ads, stuff like that,” Snyder said.

Shad Matheny – with the U.S. Postal Postal Inspection Service said they’re aware of the dumping but can’t comment on active investigations.

He did said anyone who finds stolen mail should turn it into their local post office, and that’s what Snyder is doing.

Matheny says if there’s too much to collect, call them and they’ll come to grab it all.

In one box is everything he could collect that seemed important. He turned them in so they finally get to their destination.

“I found a college, some college paperwork where someone may have been admitted into a college. They’re not going to get that,” Snyder said.

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