Morelia, Michoacán: Mob of Los Reyes Torches Gas Station and Used Car Lot

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Narco traffickers from the mob of Los Reyes incinerate gas station and a car lot; last Thursday they assassinated the owner of the establishment

A gas station and a used car lot located in the municipality of Tangamandapio were attacked with Molotov cocktails by an armed criminal cell of alleged hitmen associated with the Carteles Unidos.

Unofficially, the criminal cell of Luis Enrique Barragán Chávez and Alfonso Fernández Magallan, “Poncho La Quiringa”, known as “La Gente de Los Reyes”, who worked for the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), and are currently associated with La Nueva Familia Michoacana Cartel, which belongs to the Carteles Unidos.

According to the report, the event occurred around 06:00 today, at the gas station located on the Los Reyes-Jacona highway, near the community of Tarecuato.

The report ensures that the group of hitmen threw the Molotov cocktails at the gas pumps, as well as at the vehicles in the car lot next to it. 

After the report, firefighters and security elements went to the crime scene, in which they recorded damage to the gas station, as well as to the 8 incinerated vehicles.

At noon last Thursday, the owner of the gas station was shot to death by members of this criminal cell, which calls itself self-defense groups.

The mob of Los Reyes obey Iván García Salgado, “El Ratón”, leader of the region linked to the Nueva Familia Michoacána Cartel.


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