Netball World Cup 2019 first semi-final: Australia 55-53 South Africa – as it happened

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It was far from convincing, but the Diamonds are a team who knows how to win. What a different path they’ve had to the final compared to last year’s Commonwealth Games. There they cruised through their semi-final against New Zealand and came in as team who weren’t prepared for a close battle. Although Alexander claims this was her starting seven in a ‘horses for courses’ situation against South Africa, there is a thought in the back of my mind that perhaps she wanted to create a situation where the team had to have a close match in the semi to give them a boost for the final. It’s an extremely risky strategy, but Alexander is a coach who appears to revel in risk.

For now, enjoy the second semi-final, rest up tonight and prepare for a late one tomorrow as the Diamonds aim to take home their fourth consecutive Netball World Cup gold medal.