New “Breaking Bad” movie to premiere in October

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Dylan Wisneski, who helps run the “Breaking Bad” RV tours, said he had no idea this was coming.

“They’re either keeping tabs on us and knowing where we are and staying away from us, or they’re going completely off the grid I guess you could say,” Wisneski said.

Wisneski said he plans on adding shoot locations from “El Camino” to his RV tour route after the movie’s release.

Candy Lady owner, Debbie Bell said the movie’s announcement has had her phone lines busy all weekend. Bell was commissioned for making the candy “meth” for the show for the first two seasons of filming.

“Who knows, they have literally not said a word but it’s supposed to be a sequel to ‘Breaking Bad’ so we don’t know,” Bell said.

The movie is set to premiere Oct. 11.

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