New films at the 3D Cinema

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Buffalo Museum of Science continues to make changes and improvements to add to visitors’ experiences there.

That means continuing to bring in new features for the 3D Cinema.

“When you come to a museum, it’s usually a day long experience, so we want people to be able to do many different kinds of things,” said David Cinquino, the Director of Exhibits for the Buffalo Museum of Science. “Having a 3D Cinema allows us to have various topics, and we can talk about them in a little bit more depth than in an exhibit.”

The Buffalo Museum of Science’s 3D Cinema has been open since 2010, but the newest film arrived just a few weeks ago.

Back From the Brink talks about how animals have been affected by human activity, but also takes that story and turns it on its head and says that humans can reverse that with their actions,” Cinquino explained.

The 3D glasses take that message to a new level. “Some things are coming at you. It really enhances the film experience,” Cinquino said, “and with the sound rumbling and everything, it really makes it quite exciting.”

Cinquino, who happens to pick the movies that come to the museum’s 3D Cinema, says his favorite one in the rotation right now is Superpower Dogs. It’s clear talking to him about the film how easy it is for people of all ages to get into that movie’s story lines.

“I’m a dog person. I have cats, too, but hearing the stories of these animals and how they have given their lives – they’re service dogs. Ricochet, Henry, Halo, Reef, Tony the bloodhound,” Cinquino said, listing some of his favorite dogs featured in the film.

Superpower Dogs, like all of the current titles at the museum, brings a lot of Hollywood star power, too.

“Claire Danes, Sigourney Weaver, Chris Evans, there are some big names that are narrating these films. The filming is top quality work,” Cinquino pointed out.

The Buffalo Museum of Science currently has three films showing in its 3D Cinema. The titles rotate through the day.

“There’s popcorn and treats, and it’s just like going to the cinema,” Cinquino said.

You can find the daily schedule when you arrive at the museum.

You can learn more about the 3D cinema at the Buffalo Museum of Science here.

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