New Jersey ketchup thief’s apology note goes viral

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FORKED RIVER, New Jersey (CNN) – A ketchup thief’s apology note is going viral.

Yes, ketchup. And it may be a case of ketchup karma.

The thief left a note at a Perkins Diner in New Jersey, saying karma and guilt caught up with them after they stole a bottle of ketchup a few weeks back.

The thief said just hours after the theft, they got into a car accident.

The regretful thief left a bag with the note and two replacement bottles of ketchup outside the restaurant.

The owner posted a photo of the note and bottles on Facebook and said she forgives the thief.

She said she never would have noticed the missing bottle.

And she has a hunch the thief is a teenage girl.

Heinz got wind of the story and offered to pay for the person’s car repairs. Heinz said the person has gotten in touch with them privately.

The thief’s note reads:

A few weeks ago, I had taken one of your ketchup bottles off the table because for some odd reason, I thouhgt it’d be ‘risky.” I am as square as they come and this is the worst thing I’ve done.

Well, a few hours (after) I did it someone crashed into my car, and since then, my karma, luck and life have been s***. I hope returning two new bottles will restore some for me, and I can stop carrying around this guilt. Again, I’m really sorry if I inconvenienced you the same way my life has been inconveniencing me. 

I’m sorry.

From, an awful person