New Mexico AG’s fugitive round-up nets 39 arrests

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Authorities are cracking down on violent felons, making more arrests across New Mexico.

The Attorney General’s Office is leading a fugitive round-up called “Operation Steel Net.” Law enforcement worked with prosecutors, non-profits and political leaders to find violent offenders with outstanding warrants in the metro area.

Over the last few months, it’s led to 39 arrests, a majority of them related to domestic violence.

“We have to show them that there are consequences for their actions and we’re going to be diligent in pursuing them and holding them accountable for their actions,” Albuquerque Police Comdr. Joseph Burke said.

Officials also announced the creation of the “Maria Elena Aragon Memoriam Training,” named after a Roswell woman who was allegedly killed by her husband. It intends to improve investigations and prosecutors for domestic violence cases.

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