Nigerians Are Not Criminals, Ezekwesili Tells South Africa

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Former Minister of Education and Convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, Oby Ezekwesili, has corrected the notion that Nigerians are mostly criminals and drugs peddlers in South Africa.

Ezekwesili, while speaking during a special panel to address xenophobia at the World Economic Forum in Durban, South Africa, said that 18 per cent of the academia in the former apartheid nation are Nigerians.

She said, “I have seen a lot of stories where people are saying Nigerians engage in criminal activities in South Africa.

“Well, I also know that is a single story because 18 per cent of those that teach in higher institutions in South Africa are Nigerians. 

Video of Nigerians Are The Academia In South Africa, Not Criminals – Oby Ezekwesili

“Many Nigerian doctors are the ones who serve, provide health services in rural areas of South Africa.

“This danger of single stories must be taken on by the government to de-escalate any further deterioration of the relationship.

“The President of South Africa and his government should place it out there clearly that there would be speedy and conclusive prosecution of those that have been arrested so far for in the latest violence.”

She also said that the South African Government must empathise and engage with the victims of the violence.