North Carolina 4-H Ambassador Program

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The mission of the North Carolina 4-H Ambassador program is to empower teen 4-H leaders with the knowledge, skills and aspirations necessary to be effective advocates for NC 4-H Youth Development. We strengthen and expand upon 4-H Ambassadors’ current leadership abilities so that they may serve as positive role models for younger youth, build meaningful partnerships with other teens, adult volunteers, and 4-H professionals, and promote the 4-H mission in North Carolina.

Our vision is that every North Carolina teen 4-H member will have the personal initiative, program resources, and leadership opportunities to be a positive role model and a vocal advocate for the 4-H program in our county and state.

The 4-H Ambassador Program is self-based and self-paced and centered around an individual teen’s performance towards established standards. To apply to become a NC 4-H Ambassador, a member must be at least 13 years old and have been a 4-H member for 2 years, both as of January 1.

The program documents the teen’s accomplishments through a Personal Leadership Portfolio developed by the Ambassador based upon defined criteria. There are 4 different levels of 4-H Ambassadors beginning with bronze and working towards an emerald level Ambassador. A 4-H member can achieve only one Ambassador level per portfolio submission and have verified one level before advancing to the next.

In July at State 4-H Congress, a Richmond County 4-H member, Delani Reep was recognized for becoming an emerald level 4-H Ambassador. Delani is also a 4-H Honor Club member, the higest achievement in 4-H. We are proud of Delani’s hard work and appreciate her personal development and service to our county 4-H program and other NC 4-H members.