Northbound commute into Seattle slowed by rolled-over semi on I-5

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A rolled semi on Interstate 5 south of downtown Seattle is snarling traffic for miles.

The crash, which happened at about 4:30 a.m., has blocked three lanes near Exit 163 to the West Seattle Bridge. The Washington State Department of Transportation said in a tweet that the backup is at least five miles and that drivers traveling north on I-5 should expect commutes to take longer this morning.

How the semi ended up on its side, facing the wrong direction, was reminiscent of a scene from the “Fast & Furious” movies, as described by Washington State Trooper Nick King.

It was raining hard. The driver of the truck said he tapped his brakes, causing the semi to veer from the right lane, cross all the other lanes and slam into the jersey barrier.

The truck rolled on top of the barrier, tilting toward the southbound lanes before rolling back into the northbound lanes, sliding about 150 yards and doing a 180-degree spin on its side before coming to a halt facing the wrong way, King said.

The driver walked away unharmed, and no other vehicles were hit.