Popcorn instead of confetti at movie themed wedding

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IT was third time lucky for both Lynn and Peter Killick as they said “I do” in an unusual wedding venue.

The couple was married 20 years ago on May 15, 1999, in Cinema 1 at Birch Carroll and Coyle – City.

With the cinema complex closing this week, the Killicks were among many to remember special moments made at the movies.

But why get married in a cinema? The answer, why not? Mr Killick had been the manager of both Mackay cinemas for many years. This was the third marriage for each of them and they wanted something different.

Mrs Killick described cinema 1 as “like a church”.

“We thought we could do it up like a church. The acoustics were amazing, we had music playing from above throughout the ceremony,” she said.

Somewhere in their home are the tapes used that day. The tapes were created by friends, a mix of soundtracks from well-known movies, particularly romantic films.

Mrs Killick remembered music from Titanic was definitely played, and she walked down the aisle to From this Moment by Shania Twain.

“I wore a beautiful big white gown with a veil and tiara,” she said.

Mrs Killick said the red velvet curtains were kept closed hiding the large screen and she had used the cinema’s multi-coloured aisle as her walkway.

“My brother Frank and his guide dog, Brett, walked me down the aisle with my girls, Melanie and Belinda,” she said.

To continue the movie theme, guests were given “scripts” instead of traditional wedding programs and special movie-like posters were designed and displayed on the doors.

It was called “The Wedding” and rated G.

Announcing the wedding of Peter and Lynn Killick.

Announcing the wedding of Peter and Lynn Killick.

“It was everything I wanted. I even had a stretch limo,” she said.

Instead of confetti being thrown, guests congratulated the newlyweds with popcorn – unbuttered of course.

The wedding was followed by a reception at the Ocean International for 50 guests.

Mr and Mrs Killick now live in Townsville which meant they were unable to attend the last screening at the city cinema.

A special screening of Jaws was held on Wednesday night as the last hurrah.

Mr Killick managed the Mackay cinemas over a 25-year period and said it was sad the city cinema had closed its doors for good.

He has many fond memories, the wonderful and loyal staff who worked for him, watching so many movies he’s lost count, winning awards and the special events including partying with drag queens after a Rocky Horror anniversary screening.

Mr Killick came to Mackay in 1979. He had previously worked in the film industry in Cairns and Darwin.

Before working at the cinema he ran drive-in cinemas, one based near Racecourse Sugar Mill and the other in Andergrove, nicknamed The Grove.

In the mid-80s he moved to the cinema and was involved in the renovations which took the city cinema from one screen to five screens in the 1990s.

Mr Killick said he was very proud of being asked to manage the northside cinema as well as the city.

“I used to say I managed 11 screens with a river in between,” he said.

His career started with him doing jobs any “Tom, Dick or Harry” would do – basically anything connected with screening or preparing for a movie.

Mr Killick said he had seen My Fair Lady and the Sound of Music so many times he had been able to lip sync the lines.

“At one stage we were screening them four to six times a day,” he said.

Since his retirement 13 years ago, Mr Killick hasn’t been to the movies. He’s walked into theatres but it hasn’t been the same and never stayed to watch a film.

In his career the biggest change was in technology and how films were shown.

When asked what his favourite film would be, Mr Killick was honest and said he had seen too many over the years he had simply lost track.

The couple’s daughter, Belinda Killick has fond memories of the cinema as well.

“It really was amazing growing up with being at the cinema all the time and many of my school friends got their first jobs there with my Dad as well,” she said.