Rebel Wilson: We had to lick each other while filming the Cats movie  

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Rebel Wilson (Ian West/PA)
Rebel Wilson (Ian West/PA)

Rebel Wilson says the cast of Cats had to lick each other while filming the movie.

The film musical – which baffled fans when the trailer first aired – features Taylor Swift, James Corden, Dame Judi Dench, Idris Elba and Jason Derulo.

On taking on their roles in the soon-to-be-released movie, Wilson, 39, told The Jonathan Ross Show:  “We had to lick each other a little bit.

“I have actually got a photo of me licking Jason. He didn’t mind.”

US star Derulo joked: “I don’t know if it made the film! I remember doing that over and over, all day long and then it didn’t make the film.”

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The pair said they had a “cat teacher” to make them aware “that you have a tail and ears on top of your head.”

Australian actress Wilson said the cast tried but failed to add rude jokes to the film.

“Billions of people around the world have seen the musical because it’s so iconic but there’s not a lot of comedy, there’s actually no jokes, dialogue jokes, so we thought, ‘Let’s add some!,’” she said.

“The editors sent me a list of all the jokes that got cut out because they were way too rude.”

Katherine Ryan, Jofra Archer and Penn Jillette also appear on the ITV show.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 10.10pm on ITV.

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